Are you holding a road show to showcase your benefits? Or maybe you have a club visit arranged? MyGymDiscounts flyers are an essential handout to have handy.

All of our flyers are editable PDF’s. To add your login details, all you need to do is...

1: Download your chosen poster
2: Open the file - this will open the automatic editor
3: Enter your login details and selection dates by clicking on the blank box

Welcome To My Gym Discounts

Flyer size: A6

Gym Logos

Flyer size: A6

Site To Swimming Pool

Flyer size: A6

Desk To Dumbbells

Flyer size: A6

Meetings to Medicine Balls

Flyer size: A6

A Birds Eye View

Flyer size: A5

Birds Eye View

Flyer size: A6

Awesome You

Flyer size:


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