If you are holding a road show or have a club visit arranged, My Gym Discounts Flyers are a great informative handout for people to take away.

All of our flyers are editable PDF’s, all you need to do is select your flyer, download, open then edit your login details and selection date.  

Step 1: Download your chosen flyer
Step 2: Open the file, this will open the automatic editor
Step 3: Enter your login and selection date by clicking on the blank boxes!

Welcome To My Gym Discounts

Flyer size: A6

Gym Logos

Flyer size: A6

Site To Swimming Pool

Flyer size: A6

Desk To Dumbbells

Flyer size: A6

Meetings to Medicine Balls

Flyer size: A6

A Birds Eye View

Flyer size: A5

Birds Eye View

Flyer size: A6

Awesome You

Flyer size:


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